We provide the best Sustainable Smart City solutions for Street & Site furnishings

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Newton Brown Urban Design

Outdoor and Indoor street furniture for public spaces

Newton Brown Urban Design

Outdoor and Indoor street furniture for public spaces

We provide the best smart & sustainable solutions

Newton Brown Urban Design has unique street and site furnishings for public spaces. We are able to provide customize items for your project. We turn your opportunity into reality.



Sustainable and innovative furniture solutions for public spaces and Smart Cities.

We provide high standards in materials, products, technology, service and logistics.

Our Projects

Logo DesignPhiladelphia

Our groundbreaking projects can be found in New York, NY - Brooklyn, NY - Staten Island, NY, - Boston, MA, - Brookline, MA, - Miami, FL - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Aventura, FL - Hyattsville, MD - Houston, TX - Denver, CO. We will be present innovative solutions during the DesignWeek Philadelphia 2019 at Cherry Street Pier.

We take our design ideas from nature herself. The highest compliment we can receive is having our products, whether in urban communities or corporate indoor/outdoor spaces, be in harmony with their surroundings.

This is what moves us

Smart communities

We provide results and guarantee effective and comprehensive representation of your business.


We are a Smart City "Resultant" with an integrated approach. 

We use our innovative resources and translate your ideas into valuable concepts and solutions. 

Our firm is leading the way in the global Smart Urban & Community Design business.

Newton Brown Urban Design is MBE certified company in the State of New York.


Urban shelter

Campus site, Garden, Sanctuary, Yard, Track, Plantation, Golf Course, Field


Rooftop furniture

Roof tops, Roof garden, Terrace, Patio, Parking deck, Sun deck, Sunroof


Metal bench

Boulevard, Pier, River front, Beach front, Beach, Shoreline, Coastline



Road, Boulevard, Avenue, Square, Corridor, Alley, Plaza


Shopping mall furniture

Shopping center, Commercial Center, 

Market place, Commons, Airport terminal, Transportation hub, Station


Hospitality furniture

Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Congress center, 

Sport venue, Condo/Co-op/Rental building

About Us

Think global, act local

Newton Brown Urban Design portfolio benches

We provide outdoor & indoor urban design furniture, street furniture, site elements and architectural elements for public spaces. Our partners manufacture with passion and craftsmanship, open communication, smart engineering and use of innovative techniques with an integrated approach. 

These are a few of our many added values. Your project, ideas and final overall goals are leading. We just want to make it happen.

We support the use of durable and sustainable materials, while using authentic products to create better environments. 

As a representative and ambassador in the USA for several international site furnishing collections and manufacturing companies; we have unique domestic partnerships to provide the best local services. We provide services in English, Dutch, French, German and Italian. 

Our goal is to provide and share knowledge to develop better concepts and results for your projects. 

Our mission statement is, "Be Smart, Think global, Act local".


"smart city" bench

Smart bench

Stick is a multi-functional green energy bench that provides economic, social and environmental benefits for future sustainable cities. Development of new infrastructure is a prerequisite for implementation of smart city initiatives. Stick offers unique solutions to address the future.

With 160 W of power from our solar panels, our Stick Smart Bench is off-the-grid urban solution with no electricity costs.

Harvesting energy from footsteps creates additional power source for our Smart Solar Bench.

Recognizing the need to stay on-line, we deliver Wi-Fi hotspot within 10 meters around the Stick Solar Bench. Digital marketing through the Wi-Fi features.

Smart device battery is a never ending problem. Stick provides free power with 6 per-installed cables including wireless charging.


Smart bench

 Our advertising panels will deliver faster return on investments coupled with no electricity costs for energy.

Enabling a safer environment is our core objective. Stick integrates SOS button that will help your citizens communicate with city services in emergency situations.

Traditional billboards are outdated and inefficient. Lack of battery and desire to always stay online will attract clients to Stick enabling interaction and proximity to promotional advertising space. Stick offers illumination of advertising panels through utilization of renewable energy that offsets electricity bills and generates faster ROI. 

Save on light performance with our latest most efficient LED technology to illuminate your advertising area with zero cost of electricity.

Wi-Fi marketing is an additional value added service to provide to clients who will visit the bench.


LIGHTINUS is a state-of-the-art smart solar street light powered by renewable energy sources, such as solar and kinetic energy. Its modular design and unique technological features represent a revolutionary step forward in integrating clean energy, cloud-based data management, wireless communication and digital services to create energy efficient and future-ready smart cities. Check out this great video

We provide and deliver these products

Benches & Seating


Smart Seating & lighting

Smart bench

Ultra Granite & Composites

Serac bench

Smart products

Smart benches portfolio

Special elements

UHPC elements


Urban shelter

We provide these products

custom made Picnic Tables

Picnic table

Solar LED Lighting


Special Seating

Beam bench

smartFlower Solar

SmartFlower solar

Bollards & sleeves

Security bollards

Bike Racks

Bike rack

Smart ideas - Smart products - Smart solutions

Urban shelter

Sustainable Public Hub

Imagine working, reading, eating, playing games or chatting with friends here.

This interactive shelter can be used in indoor and outdoor public spaces,  hospitality, campus sites, parks and gardens, waterfronts, offices, shopping malls and in transportation terminals. Specific configurations can be created, including adding WiFi, lighting, Cup holders, Greenery and Solar energy for powering the USB ports, lighting and WiFi.

Stellar smart bench

The generation next of Public Benches

The Stellar Smart Bench is a solar powered outdoor bench. The simple design of the bench allows solar energy to be collected and stored in an integrated battery system to be used when required for charging USB devices,  powering the LED concealed lighting on the bench and can also be utilized for WiFi and other reporting.

  • Solar power autonomy
  • Mobile device charging
  • Temperature controlled ventilated seating
  • Vandal resistant
  • Lighting
  • Wi-Fi (add on)
  • Quality build with durable materials
  • Easy installation 


The Solar Eye

If you have an area that requires night time delineation but is difficult to maintain, looking for an off the grid solution or a quick and cost effective installation with minimal disruption, then look no further. This product is ideal for those wanting optimum performance and minimal maintenance at a great value.

For areas with conservation sensitivities – the Bat Hat option is now available. With a twist on the original SolarEye®80, this option reduces the upwards light spillage by 98% making it a far friendlier option for bats and nocturnal animals.

There is a Smart Flower Solar for you

Newton Brown Urban Design has added the Smart Flower Solar to it's Portfolio. Check out this great video. Smart Flower is built for businesses committed to a better future and your Green Business card. Reach out for our SMART products and SMART seminars to learn and understand more. Be Smart

Your Green Business card

SmartFlower Solar

SmartFlower solar

Our mission is to create clean energy technologies that are pleasing to the eye, simple to install, even easier to use, and optimize efficiency. 

The SmartFlower Solar achieves these objectives. It can easily be installed in a few hours and, because of its smart features, requires no effort once placed in service. And through its unique tracking system, SmartFlower Solar optimizes the generation of solar energy throughout the day.  

For a free consultation feel free to contact us for more information, overview of products and services and product pricing.

SmartFlower Solar

SmartFlower solar

SmartFlower’s solar panels autonomously follow the sun so they’re always at the optimal angle to the sun, generating 40% more energy production than traditional solar. 

SmartFlower Solar +Plus

SmartFlower solar plus battery storage

Whether you’re on or off the grid, SmartFlower Solar +Plus’ intelligent features generate solar energy more efficiently, while allowing you to store excess energy for later use. That means that during peak demand times, or even when the power is out, your SmartFlower plus will continue to provide clean energy. 

Our key partners and new partners

Wave bench


Using the influences of Scottish technical and engineering excellence throughout the decades, Blueton’s business philosophy is to excel in innovative design and manufacturing of various types of Street Furniture, ranging from standard to bespoke cutting edge designs.  All products are manufactured from the highest quality durable materials, which are sourced locally using recycled materials wherever possible.  Employing a wealth of experience, combined with many years working with designers, consultants, architects and local authorities, Blueton has built an outstanding reputation for products of quality and excellence, creating confidence in our industry.          

Smart bench


ESF is an award winning company with a dedicated selection of innovative and sustainable outdoor solar products. 

ESF recently supplied themed street furniture to the world’s largest indoor theme park, IMG Worlds of Adventure.

The Stellar Smart Bench is easy to install and relocate. Powered by solar energy, the Stellar Smart Bench offers charging for mobile devices, environmental sensing, free emergency calls and local info in public spaces. 



The Italian Lab (TIL) has a portfolio of sustainable and innovative products facilitating indoor and outdoor public spaces.


The Urban Shelter is perfect example to facilitate the user in all kind of environments.  This unique item can be a perfect match and item for example on a Campus, for Hospitality, at the Park, in an Office situation or used on a Waterfront or in a Shopping mall environment. 

Solar and LED are some of the add on items to create an even more specific and stand alone unit.

Behind the scenes @The Italian Lab

From Laser cut to UHPC

Urban shelter

Spotlight on SoLeMia, North Miami, FL

Information and learn more

SoLeMia is a 10-15 years unique development project in North Miami, FL.

With Aventura and Newport in their combined portfolio, and 150 years of shared experience, the Turnberry and LeFrak teams are true visionaries in developing master-planned experiences. 

Turnberry has to its credit the development of more than $8 billion in commercial and residential property including approximately 20 million square feet of retail space, more than 7,000 apartments and condominium units, 1.5 million square feet of class “A” office space and in excess of 3,000 hotel and resort rooms. The company’s diverse residential, hospitality, retail and commercial projects have received accolades for revolutionizing the living, working, leisure and shopping habits of millions of people across the country. From Turnberry Ocean Colony, Porto Vita, Aventura Mall, Turnberry Ocean Club, Fontainebleau Miami Beach and JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa in Aventura to signature properties in Las Vegas, Washington D.C. and the Bahamas, Turnberry is known for superb quality and impeccable service.

Community involvement

Sustainable Urban Farming

Community garden

Fostering a Food-producing Community

Living Room Art Garden

Community garden

Creating and defining New Urban Spaces

Smart city

Smart Communities

Improving the living environment



UHPC The Italian Lab (pdf)


The Italian Lab 2019 (pdf)


The Italian Lab Mall Collection 2019 (pdf)


Blueton Standard RAL Color Chart (pdf)


Sobol Bollard Technical Specification (pdf)


Street Tidy Technical Specification1 (pdf)


Senergy Smart Bench Technical Specification (pdf)


Blueton NEW CATALOG (pdf)










SolarEye Technical Specification (pdf)


CapabilityNBUD2019 (pdf)


Smart Cities, Smart Technology and more


Smart City "Mindset"

A 'Smart City' is an urban region that is highly advanced in terms of overall infrastructure, Sustainability, Mindset (awareness), Access to Resources, Renewable energy solutions and Technology integrated in the market viability. It is a city where information technology is the principal infrastructure and the basis for providing essential services to residents, businesses and visitors. 

We provide ideas and concepts, products, solutions and educational speaking opportunities.

Smart bench


Integrated thinking, design and engineering leads to more joined-up decision-making and actions that consider the creation of value over the short, medium, and long term. We think global, Act local.

Smart City an integrated approach was our latest speaking engagement for New York Build Expo 2019 at the Javits Center in New York, NY 

For FEMA we spoke at Molloy College in Farmingdale, NY




We are a ​MBE certified and certified vendor for the State of New York and the City of New York City.

An authorized vendor for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, certified Brooklyn Made. 

Member of the Chamber of Commerce in Brooklyn, NY and 

Member of the  Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, NY